Bernard B. Ray

Bernard B. Ray

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Bernard B. Ray
  • Ambush Valley

    When Clay Morgan kills Joel Potter, Marshal Manning has to arrest the brother of the girl he plans to marry. When the Morgans effect Clay's escape, the Potters take Ann Morgan as a hostage. Manning is now caught in the middle and the two sides are about to fight it out.

  • Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory

    Uncle Sam sends Buffalo Bill (Clayton Moore) to Dakota Chief White Cloud (Rod Redwing) with a peace offering of cattle.

  • Pinto Canyon

    Pete Childers, a notorious killer, is assigned as a deputy to Sheriff Bob Hall. Hardy Keller, wanted for murder, is hiding on a ranch own by Bob's sweetheart.

  • Dangerous Lady

    Private detective 'Duke' Martindale and his wife, Phyllis, an attorney, are working together to clear a girl falsely convicted of murdering a judge. Two people who know the truth are killed and 'Duke' Is shot at. Despite some interference by Police-Sergeant Brent, and a dangerous automobile chase...

  • Now or Never

    A visitor to a big city gets involved in intrigue when a look-alike jewel thief sets out to doublecross his gang.