Buffalo Bill, Jr.

Buffalo Bill, Jr.

21 Episodes

Buffalo Bill Jr. and his kid sister Calamity are raised under the watchful eye of Judge Ben 'Fair and Square" Wiley. Together this dynamic trio keep law and order in small town of Wileyville, Arizona.

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Buffalo Bill, Jr.
  • Buffalo Bill, Jr. - S1E01: The Fight for Geronimo

    Episode 1

    Buffalo Bill Jr. and Calamity uncover a plot to release Geronimo from U.S. Army custody, so the outlaws can pretend to recapture him and collect the reward.

  • Buffalo Bill, Jr. - S1E03: Empire Pass

    Episode 2

    The people of Wileynille are in a spot because a rival railroad is going to lay rails in Empire Pass. This would make Wileyville become a ghost town. Buffalo Bill Jr. comes up with a plan.

  • Buffalo Bill, Jr. - S1E04: Trail of the Killer

    Episode 3

    Attempting to elude a posse led by Sheriff Pat Garrett, Billy the Kid and his henchman ride into Wileyville and charm Buffalo Bill Jr. and his friends.

  • Buffalo Bill, Jr. - S1E05: The Black Ghost

    Episode 4

    Buffalo Bill Jr. tries to capture the Black Ghost, a masked outlaw trying to grab the land of a prosperous rancher. Bill falls for the rancher's pretty niece.

  • Buffalo Bill, Jr. - S1E06: The Death of Johnny Ringo

    Episode 5

    A gunman posing as the notorious killer Johnny Ringo takes aim at a government courier.

  • Buffalo Bill, Jr. - S1E07: Boomer's Blunders

    Episode 6

    Buffalo Bill Jr. tries to discover why Caleb Boomer is so desperate to buy back 80 acres of land he sold to Judge Wiley.

  • Buffalo Bill, Jr. - S1E08: The Rain Wagon

    Episode 7

    During a drought that has hit Wileyville, crops are failing and tempers are soaring high. This drought brings two men with a Rain Maker to the town.

  • Buffalo Bill, Jr. - S1E09: Tough Tenderfoot

    Episode 8

    A newly arrived Scotsman runs afoul of his wicked American cousin who is bent on inheriting a family gold mine - even if it means murder!

  • Buffalo Bill, Jr. - S1E10: First Posse

    Episode 9

    Bill teams up with Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday to round up an outlaw gang.

  • Buffalo Bill, Jr. - S1E11: Hooded Vengeance

    Episode 10

    Renegades from the Clu Clux Clan are wreaking havoc on the ranches surrounding Wileyville. When the townspeople refuse to unhood the members, Bill and Calamity decide to do it themselves.

  • Buffalo Bill, Jr. - S1E13: The Calico Kid

    Episode 11

    A poor miner's daughter comes to town expecting to see a rich father.

  • Buffalo Bill, Jr. - S1E14: Pawnee Stampede

    Episode 12

    The Pawnee strip is a piece of Federal land that has long been a haven for outlaws.

  • Buffalo Bill, Jr. - S1E16: Grave of the Monsters

    Episode 13

    A professor and his men are taking a survey on the Navajo Reservation land so that they can get to the rock oil that is underneath the rocks. They murder the Indian agent.

  • Buffalo Bill, Jr. - S1E17: Lucky Horseshoe

    Episode 14

    Judge Wiley's business is not doing so well due to the hard-to-beat prices of a competitor. Meanwhile, half of the supplies sent to the Indians always seems to go missing.

  • Buffalo Bill, Jr. - S1E19: Redskin Gap

    Episode 15

    Butch Cassidy and the Wild Bunch rob a stagecoach carrying a mine's payroll. Butch knocks out the marshal guarding the money and exchanges identities with the unconscious lawman.

  • Buffalo Bill, Jr. - S1E20: Legacy of Jesse James

    Episode 16

    Survivors of Jesse James old outlaw gang try to recover his hidden loot with a pieces of a torn treasure map.

  • Buffalo Bill, Jr. - S1E21: The Devil's Washbowl

    Episode 17

    A gang of swindlers are trying to rob Wileyville by claiming that a hot spring called the Devil's Washbowl has water that it safe to drink even though it was not so in the past.

  • Buffalo Bill, Jr. - S1E22: The Fight for Texas

    Episode 18

    A crooked rancher forces Calamity to send a telegraph to the commander of a company of Texas Rangers authorizing an incursion into Mexico to round up a gang of rustlers.

  • Buffalo Bill, Jr. - S1E23: Apache Raid

    Episode 19

    After moving their cattle onto the Apache Indian reservation, Gorman accuses the Indians of cattle rustling. It's up to Buffalo Bill Jr. and his sis Calamity to prove the Indians' innocence.

  • Buffalo Bill, Jr. - S1E24: Rails Westward

    Episode 20

    Bill falls for a pretty girl when she and her father arrive in Wileyville. He and Judge Wiley convince the newcomers to buy the stagecoach line from its shifty owner.

  • Buffalo Bill, Jr. - S1E26: Fugitive From Injustice

    Episode 21

    Young Papito Gonzales is on the run from a man who claims that the mare and colt the boy has are his. Papito soon comes to Wileyville while on the run and gets into trouble with some men.