Godfrey Ho

Godfrey Ho

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Godfrey Ho
  • Little Kickboxer

    In the beautiful Japanese fantasy, eight samurai are called forth from the mists of legend to fulfill their ancient duty to protect a princess from armies of the undead. Fantastic Action, colorful Drama, and heartfelt romance make this film a gem of Japanese cinema.

  • Thunder Ninja Kids in the Golden Adventure

    This THUNDER NINJA KIDS adventure is filled with non-stop action, fights and surprises. Their martial arts skills are too much for the mafia bosses as they battle two gangs of thugs for possession of the mystical golden statue!

  • Thunder Ninja Kids: The Hunt for the Devil Boxer

    All Satan needs to enslave the souls of all mankind is the Sacred Sword which is kept by Master William and his son Falcon.

  • Clash of the Ninjas

    An evil corporation it out to harvest organs from live people and smuggle them into the country. It is up to our hero to find out who is behind this illegal operation and put an end to the group once and for all.

  • Ninja Champion

    A couple camping in the woods is attacked by a trio of thugs and the wife is beaten and raped. A few months after the assault, she is hunting down the three (who happen to be diamond smugglers) by posing as a dealer looking to sell some stolen merchandise.

  • Ninja Empire

    Federal Agents call on a group of Ninjas to help solve the murders of young prostitutes.

  • Ninja the Protector

    Two brothers, Warren and David, try to defeat the evil forger who is making their lives a misery.

  • The Dragon, The Hero

    John Liu, the legendary Northern Kick expert and master of the strike rock fist is sent to investigate an antiques smuggling gang working out of Canton.

  • Thunder Ninja Kids: Wonderful Mission

    The highest spiritual symbol of the Capa Ninja Clan, the Buddha statue, resurfaces after being stolen from them years ago. Three groups set out to get the statue...let the battles begin!