• Journey

    Everyone is Jack. We all need Iris.

    When life couldn't get any worse, Jack realizes his flight is from Glasgow and not Gatwick. Attempting to catch a last-minute train from London, he is confronted with his stage in life by his fellow passengers.


    A happy married couple opens their relationship, which proves to be more complicated, awkward, and important than they ever could have expected.

  • Almost

    Oscar jumps on his subway every day. But at that morning a side - glance wipes every ritual away...Catherine! Two unknown whose glimpses are coming across in the following weeks. Oscar knows that he would not show the courage to come in contact with her all the more after an embarrassing mishap s...

  • Clockwork Heart

    Watchmaker's apprentice, through the catharsis of experiences and a nightmare relationship with his master, will realize that the perfect clockwork can be initiated only if he completely sacrifices himself.

  • Blink

    A victim of domestic abuse realizes that in only takes a split moment, quicker than the blink of an eye, to make a decision that could change her life.

  • Lie Detector

    Dane only has one chance to make a stellar first impression. Good thing there's a lie detector present at his job interview! *BEEP* He's screwed. And he's going to find out just how much the truth really hurts.

  • Highway

    On a stark mountain highway, troubled teen hitchhiker Hester Black's radio begins to receive phantom broadcast signals bearing news of impending disaster. When a strange couple and their two children stop to pick Hester up, she hopes to be taken to safety. But fate has other plans for Hester...

  • 10 Years Over the Horizon

    On April 20, 2010, an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling rig killed 11 people and injured 17 others. Over the course of 87 days, an estimated 4.4 million barrels of oil spewed into the Gulf of Mexico from the fractured well leading to an unparalleled environmental catastrophe. Over a...

  • 63/65

    The collapse of two buildings in the rue d'Aubagne in the heart of Marseille, in a poor and working-class neighborhood.
    A son, Farid, whose mother died in the same collapse. A tragedy that he has buried deep inside of him.
    Surrounded by his friends, he continues his life. The only thing he ca...

  • Death Offers Life last moments of Vincent Van Gogh

    The story is the fictional account of the last five minutes of the acclaimed painter Vincent Van Gogh who was a failure in his lifetime. Death who has come to take him makes an offer which Van Gogh rejects and accepts the hands of death gracefully.

  • Departure

    An irresolute housewife is faced with the news that her closest friends have decided to emigrate to Mars. She begins to challenge her husband's idealism about the decaying Earth and must ultimately decide what she is willing to leave behind.

  • Greenhorn

    A stranded soldier meanders his way through a vast wilderness, searching for water, shelter, and comrades. Alongside the many hardships of being lost deep in the woods for days, he endures various increasingly strange phenomena. The signs of an unforgiving war zone eventually give way to an unexp...

  • Kid Partner

    Over the course of a single night; Kid, Pops, Nervous Hands, and Four-Eyes hunt down King Pin Baldy to stop him from delivering a barrel of hooch to the Hotsy-Totsy Clown.

  • Man in The Box

    Smartphone technology has been discontinued after a massive leakage of personal records spread across the nation. Despite the long history of warning against them, a young college student rediscovers the features of a smartphone. As strange malfunctions begin to occur, he soon realizes the device...

  • Patrycia

    Patrycia is confronted with her mother's dementia diagnosis. Her teenage daughter Lena doesn't accept that there's nothing you can do. Together, Patrycia and her daughter explore ways to help their grandmother access her memories. But, unaware of their many attempts, grandmother Magdalena stays g...

  • Sedalia

    Newly retired costume designer, Helen Rowan moves into a small farmhouse in the Massachusetts countryside: all is quiet until a string of paranormal events prompts Helen to research the home's history. Connecting the dots between her research and two vivid nightmares, Helen discovers the fifty-th...

  • Terminal

    Having been the perfect host for so long, The Woman needs to do something to save herself from her brutal guests before it's too late.

  • Our Side

    After a new immigration law makes her visa invalid, Adillah, a caregiver from Ghana, must decide whether to save herself or the elderly Sicilian man in her care.

  • Odd Man Out

    Two strangers meet and they enter Solo's apartment knowing not what to expect. They tentatively engage only for one of the strangers to leave abruptly throwing the man left into turmoil.

  • Inertia

    Inertia is a story of a man who has to go to a baptism and a funeral on the same day. Starting at the baptism, the film follows the man as he tries to find his way to the funeral. He gets lost, runs into people he likes, people he doesn't like, and people who do not even notice him. It is a story...

  • Abiogenesis

    In this breathtaking science fiction spectacle, a strange mechanical device lands on a desolate world and uses the planet to undergo a startling transformation, that has profound implications for an entire galaxy.

  • Aftermath

    His older brother needs him to grow up, but Jem just wants to be a kid. As they struggle to survive in a new, predatory ice age, two brothers wrestle with their responsibilities and with each other and learn what it means to call a place home.

  • Airport

    The film explores the borders between the right to freedom of movement and the restrictions national security requirements put on society. In a modern-day airport, the flow of passengers is broken by sudden irregularities. Security forces try to get to the cause of the disruption, the atmosphere ...